Lee Wulff

Death in 1991 at the age of 86

f American fly fishing can be said to have a modern icon, Lee Wulff must be it. A virtuoso fisherman, he cast a long shadow over fly fishing in the United States and Canada from the early thirties until the early nineties. He had a major influence on the use of native American materials in fly tying during the thirties, and the adoption of shorter rods for salmon fishing (ultimately doing without the rod, catching at least one salmon on a reel alone.) Post-war he ran a fishing camp on the northwest corner of Newfoundland, learning to fly in the process. In the fifties he was spotting fishing camp sites for the US Air Force, and making films of salmon and trout fishing. After that he ran fly fishing schools, wrote for almost every major outdoor magazine and turned out a clutch of classic books.

Perhaps Lee is best remembered for his "Wulff" series of flies, effective in every size from size 22 upwards. Who knows what they represent, and who cares? The fish love them. His wife Joan survives him, and continues their school.

I regret to say that I cannot find an out of copyright photo of Lee, but I am working on it!


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