Special Feature:
Taylor's Salmon Flies


1. Hook No. 1; the feather for the wings, the darkish brown speckled part of a bittern's wing stripped off from the stem; the mixture for the body, the reddish brown part of hare's fur, and deep copper-coloured mohair; the tail forked, with two single strips of the same feather as the wings; a bittern's hackle over the body for legs; and the head the same colour as the body.

2. Let the hook be the same size as the former; the wings, the mottled feather of a peacock's wing, intermixed with that of any fine plain dusky red; the mixture for the body, the light brown hair or fur of a bear next to the skin, sable fur, and gold-coloured mohair, gold twist, a large black cock's hackle, and a red one a little larger; and for the head, a bit of deep red mohair.

3. For this fly also the hook must be No. 1; the wings, the feather of a hern, intermixed with the spotted reddish part of that of a mallard; for the body, lead-coloured mohair, small gold twist, a large white hackle dyed a deepish blue; a bit of the same feather as the wings for the tail; the head the same colour as the body; and your silk a lead colour.


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